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"Our hearts are drunk with a beauty our eyes could never see." -George Russell
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Car accident on the way home from Arkansas, but 4 hours from home. I was alone on the side of a highway getting splashed by oncoming vehicles. It rained all day (thank you, Hurricane Isaac). I had a completely shattered window. I was wet/ damp for a solid 8 hours. 


I am alive. I am completely uninjured. Joey was able to wait for me and drive the last 100 miles for me (after he helped vacuum all the glass out of the car and made sure I had some food). I am finally home with my family. God had a purpose for this. I have no idea what that purpose is, but there is one. Praise God, because he is so good. 

  1. victoriouspages said: wow. The things you miss when you go four days without Internet! :[ I’m so glad you’re okay! What a bummer. Is your car going to be taken care of an everything?
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